Incandescent bulbs die LED lighting can have good?

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According to the national development and reform commission issued by five ministries and commissions such as "China to phase out incandescent light bulb roadmap (draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "road map"), since November 14, 2011 incandescent light bulbs, our country began to implement the plan out, and finally out time is on September 30, 2016, that is to say, since October 1, 2016, our country will be banned the sale and import more than 15 watts and general lighting incandescent lamp. With the approach of "circuit diagram" elimination time points, rising sharply recently LED plates, incandescent lamp exit undoubtedly LED enterprises can bring more market space.

The invention of the incandescent light bulb has a history of 137 years ago, we have learned, incandescent lamp because of luminous efficiency is low in many countries are to be phased out. In early 2007, the Australian government released the first legislation, comprehensive sales, then Canada, Japan, the United States, the European Union, South Korea and China Taiwan, more than 10 countries and regions are released the incandescent lamp out.

Since 2011 in China, after the "white ban" incandescent lamp has gradually withdraw from the market, for now, China has rarely used incandescent lamp, most households and firms are the incandescent lamp, even on the market of lamps and lanterns is seen as such. In accordance with the "road map" issued by the phase out plan in our country, since 2011, the provisions of the incandescent lamp banned the sale and import slowly from 100 watts to 60 watts in today 15 watts, many investors will this ban its interpreted as incandescent completely delisted.

In fact, about "white ban" since "road map" published each node, to ban LED concept will be hype. Incandescent light bulbs, although it is true that the incandescent light bulb in the exit the market gradually, but whether delisting thoroughly, that it seems to many in the industry or needs the joint efforts of government and enterprises, and is not as simple as interpretation by investors. "National policy now calls out incandescent light bulb, but in terms of general lighting, in some special agricultural lighting lighting, LED lights and now there is no way to be totally replace incandescent light bulbs." Beijing institute of electric light source Sun Shuang said in an interview with the author. According to the author, as some small home appliances on the light bulb, many are unable to use leds to replace incandescent lamp, such as smoke lampblack machine, etc. That means incandescent completely delisted or need a certain amount of time, the "road map" plan and no way to make incandescent lamp complete withdrawal from the market, also need a certain amount of time looking for investors.

The author visited Beijing several hardware stores, many stores are found in visiting has no incandescent lamp, is more of the LED lamp and energy-saving lamp, "I heard that in October after the incandescent light bulb is not to sell, so has not replenish onr's stock, and now there are few people buy incandescent lamp, LED lamp and energy-saving lamp is very good to sell." Mr Wang said a hardware store.

According to the data show that in the first half of 2016, 2.012 billion the cumulative production of incandescent lamp, but according to the "road map" to see, in October 2016 after most of the incandescent lamp will face out, this suggests that the lighting industry will usher in a up to billions of market, it is also an opportunity for LED lighting.

Even though incandescent bulbs out LED industry looks promising, but the LED industry now is still a industries with excess capacity, because since 2011, when the "roadmap" is raised, the LED industry has launched a wave of investments, LED to today's excess capacity. Now LED lights in the domestic lighting market more than 30%, the permeability of the incandescent light bulb is less than 5%, it has not form a competitive situation, but because of overcapacity LED to a glut on the LED lighting products, many LED companies' profits are shrinking year by year. Together fly photoelectric, for example, according to the annual report, poly photoelectric from 2011 to 2011 gross margin is the trend of decline year by year, respectively, 26.56%, 23.5%, 19.22%, 16.13% and 14.47%, in the first half of 2016, poly fly photoelectric gross margins fell below 10%, only 9.4%.

LED lights, what is the biggest rival is true for positive, take hold of the question, the author consulted Sun Shuang, Sun Shuang said, "because" road map "started in 2011 has phased out of incandescent lamp, and LED lamp is accepted by the public in recent years, before the phasing out incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp first receives the market share of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp now so the market share is very big still, LED lights for now the market is not big, so is the biggest rivals now LED lights before replace incandescent lamp fluorescent lamp. And incandescent bulbs out as hyperbole, not everyone think that leds for good also is not good." Sun Shuang believes that the development of the LED lights also need to continue to improve product quality and safety, such ability more easily accepted by the public.

LED lights to usher in the real good may be less than the time, for now fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps with LED lamp market share has a big impact, the rise of LED lighting is still in the middle of the road.