Xi 'an lighting market analysis of the limitations and development trend

2016-09-24     clicks:1148

Xi 'an lighting industry big market has entered a bottleneck period, how to break the bureau is a big problem. The author wants to analyze for everyone, xi 'an lighting market way of broken.

Why bad business

Xi 'an lighting industry in the past two years the business as before, a lot of people thought to be caused by the real estate industry regulation. But if that is completely wrong.

The author thinks that everyone crying less business, the reason is because the market is not widened. If guard to the old old market, also with the original old channel, also focus on sight and not to seek the breakthrough, the business is not bad, only is worse and worse. Because, your opponent is using various superior conditions, market share in crazy to rob you, today you are the boss, but others are you still in with a shotgun in the cannon, who's boss tomorrow is self-evident.

The limitations of the old market in where

Instability: da area after all now or some temporary buildings, no property, no long-term guarantee real right, ultimately not escape the fate of the demolition.

2, size limitations: to do big business, platform will have to be big in the first place. No matter from the old market scale, dimension, form a complete set of hardware are unable to expand again. By now the conditions to docking big market of the future, is reluctant.

Three, form a complete set of limitations: owing to lack of old warehouses volumes, many merchants now to a distance from the exhibition hall rented warehouse goods, the high transport costs, no unified control, the hidden danger of the fire is big also.

Four, inadequate policy outlook advantage: old market area of land value is more and more high, to do wholesale market has not accord with the requirement of urban development. Free trade area in shaanxi province, means that the advantage of the new area is more and more big, who can occupy area bridgehead position all the way, who is occupied throughout eastern Europe and central Asia market source in the future.

Follow the trend must not wrong

What is the trend of xi 'an?

Xi 'an conforms to national area policy, industry transfer is the trend of The Times. Xian xi 'an wholesale industry, including industry is a traditional wholesale market of lamps and lanterns, should be to the intensive transformation and upgrading of industrial park, the scattered market concentration in a large-scale industrial park. Perfect matching and management through the zone, open a bigger market, make it big in business.

Therefore, if everyone stays in the status quo, to seek a way out, to the old market is a very dangerous thing, what's more, the fate of the old market still faces moved about the future of xi 'an lighting industry practitioners should have a good thought.