In the latest trends and development trend of power LED market

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Power LED components is the key to the market at present the mainstream in the LED packaging products, market growth significantly over the past few years, according to estimates, by 2020, $3.744 billion on the global LED lighting market scale, and the power of LED for performance and stability factors, will occupy a lot of weight, is favored by the market. LED assembly house now Taiwan, on power LED the market has a good performance in succession, 5630, 3030 and launched, focus on the LED encapsulation, and there has been a considerable proportion of shipment, is the LED light packaging companies (EVERLIGHT).

New special medium power LED the market, the writer interviewed light visible light products business place and Mr Ying liu (EwingLiu), light brings readers currently in power LED the market to see the latest trends and developments.

High efficiency high power LED into market products will be options

In view of the present power LED the market operator, by the governments of the light and ying liu pointed out that the power LED the market area, has been from the past 150 lm/W, progress to 220 lm/W this level of super efficient product. For European and American markets, the efficiency is acceptable, and is a lot of purchasing one of the options, such as high efficiency of LED, make the LED lamps and lanterns, lighting system, also has the overall efficiency of 150 lm/W such specifications, fully meet and exceed the DLC 4.0 specification is 130 lm/W ~ 140 lm/W high efficiency requirements, effective regulation, it would be 2017 help LED lighting market in the United States to expand in the future.

DLC 2016 released lighting technology required 4.0 draft, the lamps and lanterns, light source made further revision of the luminous efficiency. COB products more easy to achieve high photosynthetic efficiency, believe DLC 4.0 bill after the launch of COB products to produce a positive development.

For lighting market, it also LED to the generation of LED lighting equipment replacement purchase demand, market in Europe and the us have been in addition to replace the lighting standard case, installation plan appears outside, will only 80 lm/W or lower efficiency of LED lamps and lanterns to do replacement solution also gradually appear.

On the market at present stage, the efficiency of the power LED, for part of the manufacturer is hard to improve its overall after encapsulation efficiency, light, on the other hand, through the exclusive technology to overcome the problem, production efficiency, product such as 5630 kk 7 d. Light points out, many of the LED assembly house agent purchasing grain from the chip factory end, and encapsulated into a variety of power and module, and light cooperation with international companies, and have advantage in technology, with high efficiency structure technology, by accumulated years of experience in the RD team to achieve more than general market standard in the design, build surplus power LED in high efficiency.

Unique structure technology professional lighting company favored by light

From a technology for observation, light was first launched in the market at present is 210 lm/W power LED packaging products in quantity of products manufacturers, light power package in the body, mainly adopts high reflectivity, and the plastic material of high durability, and EMC support to build. Compare the LED module design philosophy by market value, is through this structure, reduce the number of leds to play a, reduce overall manufacturing costs, and can not too much to adjust the circuit and redesigned PCB version, for lighting manufacturers, the overall development of the schedule can be shortened, finished product power consumption less than the previous generation of products to a 30% to 40%, the color tolerance is less than three MAC Adam ellipse, for professional customers of lamps and lanterns is very attractive.

Light, according to European and American markets article LED lights, common efficiency in 130 lm/W to 140 lm/W, if purchase specifications in each country bid, project's point of view, the two feet of tubes widely used generations of products are more than half of the lower power consumption, for purchasing the main, is a good match with business expenses to save power. Forecast in 2017 the U.S. market benefit from the new industry standard requirements, there will be a wave of growth period, the proportion in the company of the shipment has been promoted to double-digit percentage, will continue to grow again in the future.

The product scope for light believes that the power LED, with short and medium point in time, are still focus on professional lighting market. In other words, as long as it is efficient to meet the demand of commercial lighting customers place, and the professional lighting, industrial lighting category, is very suitable for this kind of high efficiency in power LED components used in the above.

Light in the strict control of the production, delivery, sales channels and has many effective technical support. Light can have a lot of speaking and lighting market the customer engineering contacts and cooperation, to try to resolve customer problems in product design, has become the preferred LED professional lighting manufacturers cooperation.