The pros and cons of electric lighting enterprise business managed analysis

2016-09-24     clicks:1146

The effects of "product a lighting failures" soon dissipated, forgetful of lighting industry enterprises and advance wave upon wave head to electricity spring tide of The Times.

Although many lighting lighting enterprises is electricity injury to pieces, but it is undeniable that electricity trend will never because of all sorts of problems in the development process of change. And electricity related comments are not suitable for lighting lighting enterprises one by one, no success. All in all, electricity is becoming lighting lighting enterprises around don't open a sales channels.

Since not open around electric business, that can only be brave in the face of electricity, active application of electrical business channels for enterprises to expand the brand influence and improve sales. The last two years, many traditional lighting lighting companies have successively set up the electricity sector, to form a relatively independent electrical contractor operations team, and expect that the electricity department to quickly create sales for a company, and to fill the hole left after offline sales decline. It is counterproductive, however, few can really achieve anticipated goal enterprises. Investigate its reason, the traditional lighting lighting manufacturing enterprise management mode and operation thinking is difficult to integrate with electric merchants.

In desperation, many enterprises can only be dissolved team, get rid of electricity load. Some enterprises are not willing to lose electric business channels of infinite imaginary space, sought additional electricity business development model, namely the electrical contractor custody.

So-called electric business managed, is the enterprise by way of contract entrusted professional e-commerce service provider for the enterprise to provide part or all of the information technology, product or service, from the enterprise on the Internet "packaging", "propaganda" and "sales" three key points, provide to website building, website promotion and online trade, related auxiliary services for a range of services. Electrical contractor managed advantages since needless to say, but the operation risk can be without careful consideration.

"Product a lighting failures" after the media exposure, city.near the enterprise boss appear abnormal surprise: "how did that happen? Almost we will give the electricity to product a electrical contractor team managed!" If not careful is similar to product a lighting that USES only unprofitable pseudo lulled into electricity business team, that is enterprise's great misfortune.

A few years ago I had contact with an electrical business operations team, have seen the electric business operations team managed after the contract with the enterprise cooperation, the author felt contract has too many questions, the interests of the enterprises don't have any security. Once the enterprise will be electricity to their hosting, will face the predicament of it. Custody business is generally not guarantee sales or ensure that sales do not guarantee the profit space, anyway enterprise sales you want to have to continue to spend money to get the promotion, the promotion fee but bottomless pit, the most depressing is that cost a fortune to do promotion, sales volume may be up, but probably not the profit. And hidden danger is more terrible, hosting electrical contractor team closely with manufacturing enterprise cohesion is not easy to production and sales to save disjointed problem, which can make enterprises fall into the predicament of the overstock too much.