Incandescent lamp facing delisting No billions of market can dig?

2016-09-24     clicks:3564

Recently, "white ban" is hype. October 1, our country will be a total ban on sales and import more than 15 watts and general lighting incandescent, adjustments or midterm results. According to observation, incandescent lamp has basic exit the market, and have vigorously promote energy-saving lamps also gradually be eliminated, the LED will become the mainstream lighting market. Incandescent lamp exit the market to be eliminated early on the "schedule", is the trend of The Times. At the same time, the LED lighting to reduce costs, the price also will populist. Echo for this reporter visited parts manufacturers, industry is divided into two aspects, one is the incandescent lamp, is inevitable trend, industry detachment treated; On the other hand caused by delisting LED small sales issue also expected, but the billions of market is a false dichotomy.

Incandescent color is good, the price is cheap, product structure is simple but power consumption big life is short, most used for heating, electricity performance is far lower than the new generation of new light source, has been asked to exit the market gradually.

A variety of the incandescent light bulbs, halogen lamps, principle is inside the bulb halogen gas such as injection of iodine or bromine, under high temperature, the sublimation of chemistry with halogen tungsten wire, tungsten will after cooling solidification again on tungsten filament, form balanced circle, avoid premature tungsten filament fracture. Also on the color rendering ability and light control on the market at present to replace LED lights cup the best products.

Fluorescent lamp also known as fluorescent lamp. Fluorescent tubes filled with argon gas and a small amount of mercury, the inner wall of the tube coated with phosphor. Fluorescent lamp in the process of gas discharge release ultraviolet light, fluorescent powder to absorb ultraviolet light after the release of the visible light. Thanks to green lighting, vigorously promote the use of fluorescent lamp, but as there are growing concerns for the health and environmental protection, the harm done by the fluorescent lamp is criticized by people more and more.

Energy-saving lamps is small in size, save energy than incandescent bulbs, life is longer than incandescent bulbs, but the color rendering index is low, at the same time bring the environmental pollution problems. Such as mercury pollution, stroboscopic and electromagnetic radiation, etc. And because the LED price competition is intense, the LED prices are lower than the energy-saving lamps in the stores.

The LED luminous efficiency is higher than incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, long life, light up to 100000 hours, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation; Contains no lead, mercury and other pollution elements. But currently on the market of LED lamps and lanterns quality good and bad are intermingled, price competition is intense, low price the quality of the products is a cause for concern.

In the long run, incandescent lamp, is the inevitable trend, but less incandescent lamp market. According to the survey analysis, incandescent lamp in our country at present the main market in the countryside, especially in the north (generic area north of the Yangtze river), in the southern rural fluorescent lamp (commonly known as fluorescent lamp) and LED the penetration rate is very high. According to authoritative statistics, our country in the first half of the incandescent light bulb production around 2 billion, a 2.50% growth year on year. Among them: to complete the production in June 331 million, a 6.26% growth year on year. At the current price of LED bulb light all alternative, billions of market have no way to start. Incandescent lamp delisting market conditions that may occur:

First, before the delisting of local rural will usher in "buying" tide of incandescent bulbs. Incandescent lamp has obvious effect on the rural aquaculture, high recognition and the broad masses of rural raise animals, and ordinary fluorescent lamps and leds are not meet these requirements. So before the incandescent lamp will be delisted, buy some spare bulb is a natural phenomenon.

Second, ban began, the government does not require each manufacturer implements recall for all levels of distribution inventory, according to the characteristics of rural vast and scattered, dealers around the world to the stock could not have finished the night, the government regulation is limited, so in the rural market LED the overall replace incandescent lamp also have a time to process.

Third, because of the incandescent light bulb in the countryside, the main market and rural consumption level limits the high-end LED to enter, so those who have been positioning low-end parts manufacturer may usher in a wave of small high tide, but in the face of the LED supply situation, how to occupy the rural market, marketing strategy also needs a little better!

Reporter visited some enterprise, according to industry analysis, incandescent lamp, is the inevitable trend, calm treat; On the other hand caused by delisting leds small-scale sales issue also anticipated.

But LED to more long-term development technology, patents, channel has many aspects such as grip: the lack of independent intellectual property rights, the enterprise patent consciousness, the upstream products manufacturing base is weak, serious product homogeneity; Excessive investment scale is generally small, industry enterprises, overcapacity, peer cruel vicious competition, which will lead to the domestic LED industry is quite strong, restricted the healthy development of the LED industry.